Midbara Area




Across from Sapir Park, a desert inspired restaurant. Opening hours: Tue - Sat 12:00am -

12:00pm, Phone number: 052-3666240

Bamboo Grill: Moshav Ein Yahav, meat and fish, Phone number: 052-3666811
McDonalds: Ein Yahav gas station.


Biking trails: five bicycles are available, upon request.
You can ride straight into the desert on the "around Tzukim (Sovev Tzukim)" route - a marked cycling route. Length: about 20 km. Level of difficulty: medium.

Exit into the river Zofar: ride up the creek until "Tzir Hamaayanot" (The Fountain Trail), from there connect to Nachal Ashosh (River Ashosh), until the spot where it merges with Nachal Zofar( River Zofar). From there you can go back through the village Tzukim or Nachal Zofar (River Zofar).
Nachal Zofar (River Zofar) - the short route - from the bottom of the river to the meeting point of the Zofar and Ashosh rivers, and back through the village Tzukim.

Hikes- the Nachal Ashosh (River Ashosh) reserve, bordering Midbara, welcomes you to pack a small bag and simply walk into its plane, continue up until the river bend under the cliffs, and back to the cabin from there. The length of the hike is around 2 hours.
We will be happy to suggest other tour possibilities. We recommend taking a trail map with you.
Information center for travel and tourism services in the Arava: 1-800-225007

Attractions in the area:

The antelope farm - an African safari in Israel, with various species of antelopes, other rare animals and Noah's ark. A tour guide will join you and provide explanations about the animals in the farm, and about innovative research conducted in cooperation with the antelope farm.

For information and reservations: 052-3666041 http://www.afrika.co.il

Crocoloco - a crocodile farm in the Arava - about 2000 Nile crocodiles (each around 5 m long) in geothermic water pools. Open for visitation and guided tours every day from 10:00 AM until sunset. Night tours upon prior reservation.
052-8991088, http://crocoloco.arava.gonegev.co.il

Agricultural tours:

"Melo HaTene (A full basket)" - an organic greenhouse for tourists in Moshav Ein Yahav, for fruit picking and guided tours. By appointment. Tomer Tene 052-3666606, melotene.arava.gonegev.co.il

Workshops and sales galleries:

"Elat HaArava (The Goddess of The Arava)" - drugstore soaps and other personal care products made of plant oils, and natural minerals. A boutique store and soap making workshops in the Tzukim village, by appointment. Eilat Zeevi-Bela 052-2451490. eilatspa.arava.gonegev.co.il

"Turquoise gallery" - a workshop for making jewelry from different natural beads and a sales

gallery in Tzukim village. By appointment.
Lola Kedem 052-5515260, 08-9956760.

Ceramics studio - workshops and a sales gallery in Tzukim village. By appointment. Nechama Kherech 054-7711691, 08-9975923.
Gemstone jewelry and wind chimes made of desert stones, a sales gallery in Tzukim village. By appointment, Toshen 054-5954193.
Gourmet home cooking workshops in different flavors, in Moshav Zofar. A 3 hour workshop, with a meal at the end of it. By appointment (not on the weekends).
Irit Grinshtein 052-4260936.

Yoga workshops
- Havazelet Ashur, the student of Dr. Udi Bilu, "Hazlil Hapnimi" (The inner sound) ", and the Elbaum method graduate; a trained yoga instructor for adults and for children. 
For information and appointments: Havazelet 052-4260854.

The Zofar shop:

Head north on the Arava road, turn left to Zofar - a 10 min drive.
Opening hours: Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu - 08:30am - 2:00pm and 5:00pm-8:00pm, Tue, Fri - 08:30am - 2:00pm.

ATM service:
At the administration building in the center of Sapir Park.