The Food

Breakfast will await you in a basket on your doorstep upon prior request - local cheeses, homemade olives, freshly baked breads, eggs and vegetables.
The foods you bring with you can be stored in a refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets in the hut. If you wish, we can additional food, including ingredients for a complete meal.

A large shaded canopy is situated at the central gathering place. Mud benches appear along the perimeter of the canopy and mats, pillows and low tables are spread throughout its center. The high stone oven (taboon) towers above, emitting from within the pleasant smell of baked bread. You can choose to drink your own coffee in the cabin balcony, or come down here, to our canopy, and enjoy an excellent espresso or a cold beer. Soft drink and wine coolers are at your disposal, as well as cheeses and delicacies for a light self-prepared meal.