About Midbara


From afar all one sees is the desert. A strong presence of prehistoric nature. When one approaches, the eye begins to see clearly - a white camel, blooming acacia, hut, pool, Retama bushes and suddenly another hut. Among round hill tops, facing the Ashoosh natural reserve, 9 huts stand. All are embraced by a mountain range, like guardians from above.
Each hut is different and unique - one is an isolated couple's hut on the top of a hill, another is a stone built family hut, and another is handicap accessible and especially spacious.

Five of them are made of mud, meticulously cast and plastered.
Some of them are built alongside a water source - shallow cistern, desert wood sauna bath, pool.

At Midbara we aim to find the balance - the huts are spacious, accessorized, luxurious - and alongside that we honor simplicity, humbly bow our heads in the face of the beauty of the desert which can be viewed from every corner.